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Services Offered

Red thru Violet Web Site Works offers design/development, maintenance, and/or other services for sites on the world wide web.

The sites can be commercial and/or informational in nature. They can start from a Content Management System or Template, or be completely custom-made.

Lion Lounging An important component of the work is producing web sites that reflect the vision of the client, and, of course, meet the requirements.
High priority is given to communication, with emphasis on quality of work and aesthetics.
Early Morning Lions

To see some samples of the work of Red thru Violet and/or clients, view the Showcase page.

Should you want to have a free consultation, receive a quote, see a resume, or have questions, please telephone Ms. Susan Sailow at 831/630-1600, or respond via email.

Thank you.

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California Coast Access, Acrobat, Bugzilla,
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), ColdFusion,
DealCurrent, Dreamweaver, Drupal,
Facebook, Flash, FrontPage, FTP,
Google, HTML, Illustrator, Image Cafe,
javaScript, Joomla,
MacBook, MailChimp, modules, MySQL,
Pantheon, PC, Photoshop, PHP, plug-ins,
Responsiveness, Rhythymx CMS,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
ShopSite, Social Media, templates,
unix, validators, VistaPrint,
WordPress, XHTML, Yahoo, Zenu
California Coast

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Design/Development Services

  • Meeting(s) with client
  • Presentation of multiple design ideas, and tuning of design
  • Help with establishing a web address name (domain)
  • Help with finding a server to store the web site files (host), including an ecommerce host
  • Documentation of organization of the site's content (site map)
  • Setup of test area, for private, client evaluations
  • Documentation of site-wide colors, images, and files
  • Construction of site
  • Production of artwork and animation
  • Creation of database(s)
  • Custom code
  • Custom animation and graphics
  • Scanning of images, editing for fast loads and aesthetics
  • Editing of content
  • Setup for Search Engines
  • Ecommerce facilitation
  • Testing in multiple browsers and versions
  • Validation of pages
  • Tuning of site
  • Launching of site
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Configuration and Setup of Site Using a Content Management System
  • Setup of a Blog or Other Entity
  • Customizing of Templates

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Maintenance Services

  • Meeting(s) with client
  • Setup of test area, if necessary
  • Modification or creation of pages
  • Interfacing to database(s)
  • Production of artwork and animation
  • Scanning of images, editing for fast loads and aesthetics
  • Editing of content
  • Testing in multiple browsers and versions
  • Validation of pages
  • Installation of modifications
  • Coaching on site maintenance
  • As-needed requirements

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Other Services Available

Snow in CA

  • Database Administration
  • Photography
  • Product input and validation

Snow in Hollister, CA

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