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Below you will find a sampling of clients who have received design and/or development and/or maintenance and/or coaching from Red thru Violet.

Oona Johnsen Landscape Architecture

Imjin Office Partners

Ecosystems carefully designed around nature and human needs, while conserving natural resources
Maren Martin, LCSW

A humanistic, client-centered therapist providing support, options and practical feedback
Boots Road

Boots Road Logo

A digital marketing agency for people making the world a better place
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360 Wellness PT


Physical Therapy for optimal performance (Web Site on Hiatis)
The Carmel Foundation

Providing a place for seniors to gather and enjoy a variety of activities and services, in an environment of respect and camaraderie
Sally Barton Bowenwork

Offering, Bowenwork, a holistic soft-tissue release technique that helps to balance tension patterns in the body
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San Benito Time Exchange

A community of people, membership-based , who share skills and talents with one another
Crystal Medicine Singing Bowls

Vali and Crystal Bowl

A gentle opening of the heart…a unique healing experience.
Audible Image

Water churning!

A collection of sonification experiments and related projects
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US Forest Service

PNW Logo

The Pacific Northwest Research Station provides scientific information about 11 locations, to land managers, policymakers, and citizens
ACGS Rescue

ACGS :Logo

A foster-home based animal rescue organization
Housing Systems Initiatives, Stanford University

Stanford Housing

All about student housing at Stanford University (Web Site Redone)
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District 24, Monterey County Al-Anon

Live, Love and Laugh

Fellowship of Relatives and Friends of Alcoholics

CompuMentor Logo

Dedicated to helping nonprofits enhance productivity and build sustainable technology systems that foster their missions
Site Design & Information Architecture

HP Logo

Standards for web sites internal to Hewlett-Packard (HP Access Only)
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